Essentials in Cardiovascular CTA - Jordan

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This activity is intended for:

  1. Radiographers
  2. Radiation therapists
  3. Nuclear Medicine Scientists
  4. Medical Students
  5. Student Radiographers
  6. Nurses
  7. CT and MRI Radiographers

On completion of the CHEST course you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a relevant understanding of anatomical spatial relationships
  2. Critically evaluate pathological changes relative to normal anatomy in each imaging modality
  3. Critically discuss the application of anatomical and pathological knowledge to the professional development and service improvement.


Syllabus includes:

  1. Cross-sectional vascular anatomy 
  2. Use of cross-sectional anatomy to demonstrate live cases
  3. Scanning parameters and techniques to optimize, CHEST Imaging
  4. Imaging strategies that are specific to disease processes
  5. Effects of imaging on clinical outcomes and treatment strategies


Course accredited is Accredited

Course Outline

Day 1

Day 2

Registration 0830 - 0900


Evolution of Management and Treatment of heart disease in Jordan 1972 - 2020 (Honorable Lecture) - Basha


Current Status of Radiation Dose Research - MR


Abdominal Aortic Imaging 


Abdominal Aortic Imaging


CTA Physics and Optimization 


Renal | Pancreatic | Liver CTA


Contrast Media Delivery – techniques and applications in CTA


Mesenteric Angiogram

1100 – 1130: Morning Tea


Circle of Willis and Carotid CTA


Peripheral Arterial and Venous Angiograms


Prayer Time


Prayer Time


ECG Interpretation


Coronary CTA Physics


ECG Editing in Gated Imaging


Coronary and Cardiac CT Sectional Anatomy

1330 – 1430: Lunch


Thoracic CTA gated and non-gated


Protocol Optimization in Cardiac CTA – Step by Step approach


Aortic Valve Imaging (TEVAR/TAVI)


Cardiac CT Artefacts – Tips and Tricks


CT Pulmonary Angiography


Pediatric Congenital Cardiac Anomalies – Imaging and Contrast techniques

Completion at 1615







For Enquires in local payments and registration in Jordan Please contact Prof. Mohammad Rawashdeh on +962 7 9574 8313


Speaker Line UP




Speaker Profiles 


Honorable Basha Prof. Yousef Mousa Goussous,

             Professor Yousef Goussous was a former surgeon general with a three-star general.  He is currently chairman of Health Environment and Pollution committee at the senate as well as chairman of the board of trustees of Mutah University.  He is currently a clinical professor of cardiology a the university of Jordan and Jordan university of science and technology.  Basha Goussous is a fellow at the Royal College of Physicians in London, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, American college of physicians, Cardioloft and international college of Angiology.  Basha Goussous holds many awards and honors such as the Jordanian Istikal Medal of the 2nd order, Jordanian Military Award of Merit of the 2nd order, Kawkab medal of the 2nd order, Star of Palestine MEdal, renaissance medal of the 1st and 2nd order and military award of merit of the first order.  Basha Goussous is an expert in cardiology with more than 50 publications, abstracts and presents nationally and internationally.  



Professor Charbel Saade

            Prof. Charbel Saade graduated from the University of Sydney in radiography, Masters in CT and MRI, and a PhD in contrast media delivery.  Charbel is currently working at the American University of Beirut as an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Medical Imaging Sciences. He is a frequent lecturer in international congresses like ASMIRT, RSNA, ECR and Arab Health.  Charbel has co-authored more than 80 original papers with more than 70 abstracts presented.  Charbel has a strong clinical background in the field of X-ray, CT, and MRI.  Charbel is also an Adjunct Professor of Medical Imaging at the University of Canberra, Australia as well as editor in chief of the international journal of medical imaging. Charbel is the owner and convenor of MDCT.com.au and has been teaching radiographers for more than 15 years with the latest tips and tricks to reduce contrast media administration and radiation dose whilst maintaining image quality without compromising image quality.  His particular focus also has been driven towards cross-sectional anatomy and pathology and its effects on image techniques.  Charbel has a particular focus on education by changing radiology "one image at a time".


Doctor Ramzi Samawi

            Dr. Ramzi Samawi is currently a consultant radiologist and  Head of the radiology department at the Amman Surgical Hospital.  He attained his medical training in Ukraine and was awarded the Jordanian Board of Radiology.  He has a wide array of fellowships namely an in abdominal and cross-sectional guided procedures by the Cleveland clinic USA.  He is also world-renowned with a series of lectures at ECR over the last decade as well as a representative for the Jordanian Radiology Society in the Euro-Asian radiology initiative.  Dr. Samawi, is an expert in imaging in both Jordan and Europe with a series of publications, being a member and chair of organizing a committee for a conference in and out of Jordan and Europe.  Dr. Samawi, bring an extensive amount of experience and will be presenting on abdominal aortic imaging.


Professor Mohammad Rawashdeh

         Prof. Rawashdeh is Chair of Allied Medical Sciences at Jordan University of Science & Technology. Current research interests are mainly revolves around; Perception in Medical Imaging, Receiver Operating Characteristic analysis of performance, human performance and performance error particularly in medical imaging interpretation. He has presented at the major national and international imaging meetings including the annual meetings of the Radiological Society of North America, International Society of Optical Engineering, Medical Imaging Perception Society, Australian Institute of Radiography and Sydney Cancer Conference.



Jordanian Weather


          The forecast for this week starts out partly cloudy clearing up to fabulously sunny days by the weekend with temperatures above 20 degrees expected. The mornings will be a cool 6 -14 degrees so be prepared, especially if you plan to get up early and enjoy the spectacular Roman Ruins walk in Amman.


Dress code


         Come as you are !

Extra activities


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For Enquires in local payments and registration in Jordan Please contact Prof. Mohammad Rawashdeh on +962 7 9574 8313

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For Enquires in local payments and registration in Jordan Please contact Prof. Mohammad Rawashdeh on +962 7 9574 8313




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